Marion Cocke


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i was lucky to spend some time with Marion and she agreed to an interview. She is a great lady and does so much for the memory of Elvis Presley. But i must say she is a tough woman

, during the interview you will hear her dog barking. But she was allowed to do this because its his house. He quiets down after a while. This interview was done August 13 , 2011. Its in three parts.



It was the second week in January of 1975. Marian, then a unit supervisor on a medical floor at Baptist Memorial Hospital,

was asked by Elvis' personal physician, Dr. George Nichopolus, if she would personally care for Elvis.

'Dr. Nick', as Marian called him, explained that Elvis was a shy fellow and that it had taken some coaxing to get him to agree to the hospital stay.
Surprisingly, she was not elated about the task, especially since the day Elvis was to arrive was her only day off that week.