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If you worked for Elvis or you are releasing an Elvis book and you feel an interview is warranted then email me at krein@mhcable.com

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Joe Krein

Lee Dawson

Robin Smith Interview



























EER Goodbye To A Friend

















The next two interviews contain the stories about bringing

Elvis's body back home to Graceland for burial in Meditation Gardens.

The third is an interview with Patrick Lacey about the body heist.

Part One

Part Two

Walt Jackson Interview

The following people starred with Elvis Presley on the big screen.

Stig Interview

Former members of the Joe Gurceio Orchestra.

  Coming Soon  

Song writers

Song Writers
  Coming Soon

Part One

Part Two

Friends and family

Part One

Kay Wheeler Interview conducted by phone in 2008 and the second in 2014

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Coming Soon Text

Lee Dawson Host and owner of Elvis Express Radio.

Joe interviews Ian McQuillan on collecting the Holey grails of Elvis vinyl. The five Sun records.


TalkCenterAmerrica is a web show i was a guest on with others talking about collecting.

Its not all Elvis collecting. I really enjoyed the concept of the show and hope it stays on the air for many years.

The host Pete Dominick is very funny and enjoyable to watch him .

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