Welcome to the home of Vernon Presley.   It is directly in back of Graceland. If you sit in the backyard at Vernon's home the barn at Graceland is to the right.



For Elvis week 2001 I was  the guest at Vernons home .I was asked to come to Memphis and we would open the house for Elvis week free of charge.

 I jumped at the chance. I am going to bring you through the house and tell you about it , just like it would have been if you were there with us.


The house was painted only a week before the open house.  The brick fence was also painted. The fence was added on later by Vernon and Dee. The car port was also added later. Look above the car port ,. The silver roof you see is the barn at Graceland.


Here are updated pictures. They were taken in 2006 . As you can see the carport is no longer there due to not being kept up by the owner.

We will now enter the house by the side door. This at one time was the garage. It became the front room and the carport was built. Please note the two lions at the side door . There is also a set at the front entrance. The bottom pedestals are from Graceland . They came from the Meditation Gardens. Donna added the lions.


This is the front room. . The name of the guard at the door is Jim. He was also the limo driver. We became good friends. We had three guards during the day and one at night. Even with the three during the day some fans decided to take a piece of Vernon's home with them. We lost an air-conditioning vent out of the bathroom and out of the hallway. The above photo is of Donna and me.

The photo above is Pauline Nicholson. She was one of the cooks at Graceland. She still cooks for Lisa Marie and Priscilla when they are in Memphis. She told some great stories about Elvis. There wasn't a dry eye in the house by the time she finished.


We will now step up into the dining room. From this room if you turn left you will enter the sunroom. If you turn right you head into the kitchen. The stairs lead to the second floor where the Stanley brothers had there bedrooms. If you go straight down the hall from this room there is a bathroom to the right. This is where one of the air vents were taken from. Continue down the hall to Vernon's room.


Photos of the sun room. All paintings where done by Diane Magrann. The painting in the second photo is my favorite.

The sunroom was added on after Elvis had it built. If you go through the glass sliding doors it will bring you to the pool and the pool house.


This was Vernon's kitchen. During the open house This is where Kathy Westmoreland signed her photographs and posters for the fans. 


Kathy Westmoreland and me. Kathy was a wonderful lady. I look forward to seeing her again next year.


This is a sitting room now. When Vernon was here it was his office. When Dee and Vernon wasn't getting along it became his bedroom said David Stanley. David was one of Elvis's stepbrothers. The glass sliding door to the right leads to the master bedroom. The glass door was there for privacy when it was a office.

This is Vernon's bedroom. It was also mine while I stayed there. It took me a few nights to calm down. I just couldn't get out of my mind where I was and who lived here. also Elvis would visit here and hang to get away from things. 

The Jacuzzi is also six foot deep. I have a problem with sleepwalking and was worried I would wake up in it. To the right of the Jacuzzi is a private bath.



This is the back yard with swimming pool and pool house. The pool house is a large room with two small dressing rooms. The pool and pool house are both in badly need of repair. If you look in the second photo over the fence and under the tree you can see some brown mobile homes. Elvis purchased them for Donna and her family to live in. Elvis loved his family and wanted them to be close to him.

David Stanley told me while he was at the open house The pool house was the only place Vernon would let him play his drums. He also said he was in a small band and they would practice there. Elvis would sometimes come over to jam with them.

He also said the right side of the white fence would roll to the right allowing Elvis or Vernon drive the pickup into the yard.

In 1978 Vernon sold the home to the owners of the Hickory Log Resturaunt who refurbished much of what
was originally in the home. After this, various Elvis fans have owned the home. In February 2006 the home
was bought from it's then owner, Diane Magrann for $49,000 then just 3 months later (May 2006) it was sold
again for $125,000 - a massive profit of $76,000. In 2008 the home was value assessed at just $33,550



Vernon Presley,s Window

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