Every tthing on this page is for sale. Its being sold for a friend and does not belong to Elvis2001.net. If you decide to purchase anything you needto email me at Krein@mhcable.com . We have posters and items from the 50s , 60s , 70s . Concert items , promotional items , tons of vinyl. There is still lots of items we have not gotten to yet so keep an eye on this page or Ebay.

Blue and the purple Sold Out posters price is $400 Hundred each. Way Down streamer poster price $100 hundred . The Spinout promo price $125 dollars .


Love Me Tender pin from the 50s price $45 dollars .The 1956 Elvis Presley Enterprises braclet is $90 Dollars . Concert Tab Pins price $ 35 dollars each. 1956 Elvis Presley Enterprises pencils still in the wrapper price $300 hundred dollars. RCA Mobile that hung from the ceilings in the record shops in the 1970s. We have 3 available . One is still in the box direct from RCA. There are two thats opened . Price $125 dollars.

1983 poster. we have several for sale. these are the same poster that came with the Elvis Number Ones lp. sold poster only. price to be added

vintage Christmas Post Crad of Graceland. very cool

The King of Rock N Roll Flyer and a picture of the back. price to be added


Signed letters and and a Christmas card from Ginger Alden. all sold seperate.Ginger was Elvis last girl friend and is the one who found him August 16 1977.prices to be added



Two letters signed by Sani Miller. Friend and nurse to Vernon Presley. sold seperate. prices to be added



above is a very cool and rare RCA press package. has the bio and several press photos. it comes in an envelope. add to be