Mrs. Cocke wrote a wonderful book "I Called Him Babe" in 1979 by Memphis State University Press. The cover is a beautiful baby blue with a silver shadow of Elvis.This book is full of wonderful memories of a person who truly loved him--a person who wanted nothing but his friendship. Not many people can say that, because many wanted whatever they could get from Elvis. This book is 4 stars and a 2 thumbs up. I highly recommend it. If you can get through the last couple of chapters withouttearing up, you're a better man than me! I would like to thank Marion for sharing her memories through the book and for doing this interview with us. I

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APRIL 16TH 2005


  Joe Krein:*where did you grow up?
  tell us about yourself ,



I was born in 1926 other then that

not much to tell - grew up on first one army post and then another one - My dad was regular army.


Were you always an Elvis fan?


   Was never an Elvis fan before I knew him - I told him this one day and he said, "Well hell, Ms. Cocke -

     are you now"? - I said - "yes - but I know you now" - he accepted that and said "good" - I told him that I    found it very hard to be excited about someone that I didn't personally know.

When did you first meet Elvis Presley?


   Met Elvis when he was young - just before he went in the army - he had broken his finger playing touch

   football at Graceland - spent the night at Baptist - we walked down the hall the next day chatting as we

   walked - I'd completely forgotten about it until I "officially met" him and that was in January of 1975.

What are you doing now?


retired - just staying home and taking care of Bob and Buttons (Katey's dog - but she doesn't know that

   she is a dog)

How did it happen that you began working for Elvis?


 I never "worked" for Elvis - I took care of him but never accepted a salary from him - that was the only

    condition under which I would take care of him as I worked for the hospital and I wanted no conflict of  interest.  

   What job did you do?


 I was administration supervisor of nursing services at the Baptist Memorial Hospital in Memphis.

  What kind of person was Elvis?


 He was a great guy

  Would you tell us your favorite Elvis story?


- one of my favorite stories is the night he reached for my  hand and kissed it - I was wearing the 21 K aquamarne encircled with diamonds - he said - where did you get this ring - I told him that a rich old boy friend had given it to me - he asked me if that told me  how the rich old boyfriend felt about him - I told him that it did -  my most favorite story was the night he told me that I  was one of the few people who had never asked anything of him but friendship

After 28 years, how do you feel about the book you wrote?



 - I never set out to write a book - I just wanted to put down my memories so that when I got to old to remember I could go back and read about him - Vernon Presley asked if he could read this and after he read it he asked me to have it published - I told him that I would if I coulf find a place to put the money as I cared to much about his boy to make money off of my assiciation with him -  and the money went to charity.

  Would you write it again?


 - probably would write it again -

 why or why not?


       After 28 years, why would you write a book now?


 no need to explain why/why not - and - don't plan to write another book -

How did you feel about the Colonel Tom Parker ?

 I met the Colonel but didn't get  know him

     The fans on my site would like to know where were you and what were

    doing when you heard of Elvis' death?


 I was working when Elvis died - I had spoken to him that morning and he had asked me to come to the house when I got off duty - I told him I would - I was actually about to terminate an employee - that was postponed til the following week!

  Looking back on Elvis' legacy, how do you see his impact on the world



  Elvis was a very caring and loving man - I think that he encouraged us all to  do for others - I think that the most important thing for us to know and to remember is that Elvis loved his Lord and he served his Lord - that is his greatest legacy as far as I am  concerned

Did you ever receive any special gifts from Elvis?

Elvis gave me jewelry , a silver fox stole and a new Pontiac Grand Prix among other gifts.


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