I met Rick and Billy Stanley at Elvis week in 2010 they were both very gracius and allowed me to interview them. Rickys voice sounds a little sluggish and odd. Why ?

Well i will leave that up to you to decide. They later contacted a friend of mine and stated it was because Ricky did not have his teeth in.


Ricky Stanley

Elvis has been dead 33 years, but his stepbrother is still on the road. For about 10 months of the year, the silver-haired evangelist crisscrosses

the country, speaking in school auditoriums and preaching for "love offerings" in churches big and small, his message equal parts Holy Spirit and Elvis' ghost.

Where he once worked behind the scenes as Presley's personal aid, Stanley has since become

something of a celebrity himself sharing the stage with the likes of Billy Graham and holding hands in prayer with former President Bill Clinton.


Billy Stanley

Billy Stanley is the Eldest of Three Step Brothers of ELVIS PRESLEY. He spent 17 years of his life with him, always willing to talk to fans. I could tell by talking to him that he loved and misses Elvis.

always willing to talk to fans.